Kadi’s restaurant journey: upcycling

Our restaurant buildout is officially underway! Our builder is in the VERY beginning stages of getting the interior set up, and we have started shopping! We’ve been very excited to start looking at interior decor, and first on the list is tables and chairs. We’ll have a drive-thru, which is super exciting, but we also want you to enjoy your meal in our restaurant! Our search paid off BIG when we found these solid wood tabletops for a GREAT price at an MWR sale. The tables are sturdy and in great shape, but we were not a big fan of the worn, scratched, cherry stain. Luckily, we know great people, and Modern Woodworks (find them on Etsy @modernwoodworks75) is doing the TOUGH work of stripping and sealing them in all their natural wood beauty. Check out our before and after photos–what do you think? We LOVE them, and can’t wait to see them in the new space!

We’ve also ordered all the kitchen equipment and started shopping for drive-thru systems (sticker shock, anyone?). Things are moving along!

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