Remember when you were a kid, and it seemed like it would NEVER be your birthday, and then it *is* your birthday, time seemed to speed up all of a sudden, and your big day was here and gone before you even had time to say “new toys”? That’s us, with the restaurant. Every time we stop by to check on the progress, there’s something new to discover and “play” with, and yet at the same time the end of July seems like a lifetime away. But…we have WALLS! We can actually walk around the space and visualize where things are and how things will work. It’s amazing how much different things look in real life vs on paper. Here’s Mamadi, working hard at what will eventually be our order counter. The drive thru window is on the far right.

Our contractor Mike (who is AMAZING, by the way) is thinking that the construction is coming along great and actually running on schedule–maybe even ahead of schedule. Yikes! Time to get started looking for amazing people to join the team. QR code to our job application is COMING SOON!

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