As with all good things, there is a time to enjoy the process, and there is a time to put in the work. For us, when we got the go-ahead from the contractor to pick interior paint colors, it’s time to put in the WORK. You may not know this about Mamadi and Shannon, our owners: while generally easy going (Mamadi much more so than Shannon), both have pretty strong opinions when it comes to creativity and design. Also, we just want to get it right. So, it was a couple of anxiety-ridden days in the house as we pored over Google, Pinterest, paint-matching apps, and color swatches. After much thought, discussion, and negotiation, we’ve finally arrived at our interior paint palette. What do you think?

We are very much looking forward to opening the restaurant, especially since we are NOT getting good news on the truck front. More to come on that. We also made our first restaurant hire today, which is VERY exciting! Looking forward to meeting the rest of the team in the weeks to come. If you know someone, let us know! If you ARE that someone, contact us today!

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